Our First Special - Lenovo ThinkCentre M710e @ $750

27.08.19 09:18 AM By david

Lenovo i5 ThinkCentre $750


Model M710e

Small Form Factor

i5 7400 @ 3GHz

8 GB RAM (32 Max)


DVD Writer

VGA / DisplayPort video

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

1 Year onsite warranty

Ends: Sept 30, 2019

Why this one
What is in the box


Super-compact, this economical PC includes robust security features to safeguard your data, powerful performance with cutting-edge processing, and long-lasting platform stability.

he ThinkCentre M710e features a tool-free chassis, which means that access is quick and easy. The M710e delivers powerful security options that safeguard your organization’s data. With Trusted Platform Module (TPM) firmware, data is encrypted. Smart USB protection enables ports to be individually defined and blocked, so would-be thieves are thwarted if they try to download information. Plus smart cable block enables locking of all wired peripherals that are attached to the M710e—once the block is clipped on, it can only be removed from the inner side of the chassis. 

Detailed Specs Here

Why this one
This is a workstation class computer (better than consumer) and will last a long time. Being an i5 with 8GB of RAM and a 1 TB hard drive it has plenty of horsepower and storage to handle most office tasks. 

Lenovo's 1 year onsite warranty is expandable so any warranty issues you may encounter don't mean you need to ship your computer, and data, out the door for up to 5 years.
What is in the box

What is in the box

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre M710e
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard (US)
  • Vertical Stand