Better late than never

22.08.19 08:00 AM By david

Websites sites

Personally I have been building web applications since the mid 1990's when I used UNIX and VI to write my first HTML. Today is a very different world and we now build out sites in record time using powerful WYSIWYG tools. C3 uses primarily ZOHO Sites integrated with other ZOHO apps to provide manageable sites that clients can, mostly, manage themselves. Since the blog only recently started I'm posting a few sites we built over the past few years using ZOHO Sites.

Pier Law

Pier Law is a business law firm that provides corporate and commercial legal advice, as well as US and Canadian business immigration legal advice to clients of various sizes, levels of sophistication and in various industries. 
Pier Law's website was previously in WordPress and was fragile.

As part of a bigger ZOHO Initiative, we migrated from WordPress to ZOHO for simpler management and instant mobile compatibility.

Canadian Electronic Library

C3 Solutions built and manages the production software that gathers and delivers public document content from across Canada to the desLibris product. 

The website is another site we have implemented using ZOHO Sites.

R2 Solutions

R2 Solutions is a client from Alberta who I previously worked for and now are a C3 Solutions client. In order to make things easy we migrated from a WIX site that was difficult to maintain to a ZOHO Site that C3 manages.

R2 consultants and engineers are experts in the field of software services, consulting, product development, and business solutions both in Alberta and around the world.

Example Sites

As examples of what can be done with a ZOHO Site we have created 4 different sample sites.
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